Questions about OARC 26 presentations which took place on Day 1 of the Workshop

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* On a scale of 1 - 10 (where 1 = extremely dissatisfied and 10 = extremely satisfied) how satisfied were you with the following presentations

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Root zone KSK rollover update - Matt Larsen
Who's Asking? - Geoff Huston
NSEC5: Updated specification and implementation results - Shumon Huque
What DNS Admins Should Know About Post-Quantum Cryptography - Paul Hoffman
Faking EDNS Key Tag - Shane Kerr
How do we analyze over O(100B) DNS requests daily - Ólafur Guddmundsson
dnstap: Use Cases and Performance Analysis - Merike Kaeo
DNS Traffic Sampling in dnscap - Alexander Mayrhofer
Where of Non-Secure DNS Dynamic Updates - Maciej Korczynski
Survey of DNS abuse types from a TLD point of view - Giovane Moura
The Dark Side of the DNS - Jaeson Schultz - A project to support deployment of DNS-over-TLS services - Sara Dickinson
The Importance of Being an Earnest stub - Willem Toorop
Lightning Talk: DNS Not Over UDP/TCP, mid-2017 Update - Paul Hoffman
Lightning Talk: DNS-over-QUIC - Sara Dickinson
Lightning Talk: ECS support detection and birthday attack hardening - Ralph Dolmans
Lightning Talk: Address-specific DNS Name Redirection (ANAME) - Peter van Dijk
Lightning Talk: dnsdist: two years later - Pieter Lexis