1. Does your publication meet the funding criteria:

The article will be published in an open access, peer-reviewed journal listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals: http://www.doaj.org/.


The article will be published in a subscription journal, but made freely available by paying an open access fee.


You are an OHSU employee or student without access to grant money to pay article-processing charges.

2. Contact Information

3. Article Information

4. Has your paper been accepted for publication?

5. Why did you choose this journal for publication?

6. What is your OHSU classification (e.g. Assistant Professor, Student, etc.)?

7. What is your primary OHSU affiliation (e.g. School of Medicine, Vollum Institute, etc.)?

8. Who is the Principle Investigator on your project?

9. How did you learn about the Library's Open Access Publishing Fund?

10. May we feature your publication on the OHSU Library website?