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The results of this survey will help create a “community snapshot” of the needs of the adult ASD community in Ottawa.
This survey is to be answered by adults on the autism spectrum. We want to hear your perspective. Please ask someone to help you if you think you will need help.

Some questions will ask you to "check all that apply". This means you can pick more than one answer.

Are you a person answering ON BEHALF OF an ASD adult? This is appropriate if:

- the ASD adult does not have the communication skills to answer the questions themselves

- the ASD adult has other challenges (for example, severe anxiety) that prevent them from answering the questions themselves

Important!  If you are answering on behalf of someone else, please get as much input from that person as possible to answer all questions. We want the perspective of adults on the autism spectrum, rather than the opinions of those who support them. If you would like to ALSO give your own perspective as a caregiver, family member or ally, go back to the website page and choose the survey link for “Family and Allies of ASD Adults.”

About this survey

This survey takes about 30 minutes to complete.

This survey is for adults aged 18 years and older.

Please complete the survey in one sitting. If you close the survey before you have finished it you will lose your responses.

Survey results are anonymous and confidential. Your name will not be associated with your answers.

By taking this survey you are giving your consent to be part of this study.

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