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The Nutri-Know project aims to broaden knowledge on the outcomes of EIP-AGRI Operational Groups (OG) and other research and innovation projects on nutrient management in the agricultural sector. The project is looking at six stages in the nutrient management value chain (Livestock Farming, Storage Systems, Processing Technologies, Fertiliser Production, Transportation/Distribution, and Fertiliser Application). To this end, Nutri-Know seeks to collect and assess the learnings from the EIP-AGRI Operational Groups as well as relevant projects and transform them into easy-understanding practical materials that can be used by farmers, practitioners, and other relevant end-users across Europe.

This survey aims to identify relevant players and collect opinions from different stakeholders on the outcomes of 12 engaged EIP-AGRI operational groups in Nutri-Know project ( In this questionnaire there are questions focusing on the current status of nutrient management practices and who the main actors are. 

The data collected from the participants will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose of the research. All responses will be stored securely and access to the data will strictly follow the FAIR principle (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). Personal information will be kept separate from the survey responses and will only be used for the purpose of follow-up or clarification of responses.
Participation in the survey is voluntary, and participants have the right to refuse to answer any questions or to withdraw from the survey at any time. The collected data will be used only for the purpose of the research and will not be shared with any third parties or used for commercial purposes.

By participating in the survey, participants consent to the collection, storage, and use of their responses for the purpose of the research.

Thank you for your participation in this survey.

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