Thank you for your interest in singing online with Novus Diem for Spring 2021. Please fill out this survey to get registered.

Novus Diem Chorale is a new choir set up by Dr. Seán Boulware.  A choir that sings major choral works, with an orchestra.    Novus Diem is beginning its inaugural season online because of the pandemic, and also to encourage singers from all over the world to participate.  Live rehearsals will take place on Facebook (private unsearchable page) on Wednesday Evenings from 7:00pm - 8:15pm Pacific Time.  But due to time changes and people from all over the world, you may rehearse on your own time whenever you want.  Sectional rehearsals will appear for singers on Facebook at 9am pacific time on Thursday Mornings.  We will also have periodic zoom meetings to check in with each other and be a community (for those that wish that).  There is no audition necessary for this choir, although the conductor may choose to do a hearing to check for section placement.  The end product will be to make audio and video recordings of each singer to be used and put together for a Virtual Choir Video presentation at the end of the season.  The season begins on Feb 17 and goes until June 2.  There is no rehearsal attendance policy, you may attend rehearsals as you see fit.  There will be periodic singing assessments to help singers grow in skill and check singer's progress with positive reinforcement and encouragement.  

Repertoire will be voted on by each singer.  The voting is at the end of this registration.  

Because this is a self-sustaining choir, we currently have no sponsors or financial backing from a city or business entity, the choir members are required to pay dues for each season.  Dues are determined by the expenses the choir must incur.  Dues cover staff salaries, music, rehearsal tracks, shipping costs, choir technology, website costs, video, and audio editing team payments, sectional rehearsal creation, and a few more legal things like performance licensing, and ASCAP licensing.  Dues are also based on the number of singers that sign up for the choir.  The more the singers, the less the dues.  Right now up to 50 singers the dues are $225 per singer.  While that might seem high, remember that you get what amounts to a private voice lesson each rehearsal and it only costs $14.06 for each of 15 lessons.  DUES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.  Once paid, they are depended upon.  If a singer quits after paying dues, there will be no refunds or partial refunds.  

The choir is looking and beginning the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit entity, and as such would give us the power to search for grants, and other financial sponsors that would greatly reduce dues costs in the future.  But for now, we are where we are.  Dues will not be charged until registration numbers are known.  Then an invoice will be sent to you via PayPal which you can pay at that time, or make payments.  All fees must be paid by Feb 24th.  At this time, unless a generous donor provides sponsorship, there are no scholarship funds available.  If you are interested in being a donor for scholarships, please contact Dr. Boulware, and arrange for that.  Also, if you are interested in becoming a board member of Novus Diem to help the choir get their Non-Profit Status, we would welcome that.  We have seats for 7 board members.  Officers include a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Artistic Chair, Membership Chair, and Fundraising Chair.  

We must have a minimum of 50 singers register for the choir or the choir is not financially sustainable and will be canceled.  We do feel confident that we will reach that number as this is an exciting opportunity to sing Master Literature and create excellence in performance!  It's a NEW DAY!

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* 1. Novus Diem Chorale follows all County, State, Federal policies, and safety procedures with regard to COVID-19.  There is no planned contact between any persons in Novus Diem, it's members, board, or staff. 
DO YOU agree to hold Novus Diem Chorale, its Board of Director members and officers, and Music Director harmless from any and all claims, illnesses, liabilities, and costs, including attorney's fees, as a result of my participation in this activity, or any events incidental to this Activity.

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* 2. I understand that dues for the 2021 February 17 - June 2 season of Novus Diem Chorale will start at no more than $225 per registrant if 50 singers register. (Dues will lower if more than 50 singers)   And that these dues must be paid BEFORE the second rehearsal on February 24th.  After registration numbers are known, each singer will receive an invoice from PayPal to pay dues.

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* 3. Your contact info: (this information is kept private and only for use by the conductor or board.  it will never be made public)

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* 4. What kind of membership are you registering? (This can be changed later)

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* 5. What section are you going to sing?

Once registered, you will be contacted by email for further information.   

Music will be sent to you 2 weeks before the start of the season by US Mail.  All registered singers will receive sheet music. 

ALL rehearsals are watched live stream online on our Facebook page.  We are rehearsing virtually for the February - June 2021 concert season.  To see how this is done, search the Novus Diem Chorale Page on Facebook. Be sure to "friend" Sean Boulware, our conductor, first.  There will be room for singers to join the live rehearsal, distanced and masked, if you choose.  Please contact our conductor Sean Boulware at to set that up.

Rehearsals begin on Facebook on the Novus Diem Chorale  Page on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

If you have any questions or concerns or need more information, please text Seán Boulware at 714-322-4560 or email to

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* 6. Please choose your favorite 3 works from the repertoire possible list below. If you are unfamiliar with any of these works, please click on the link below to be able to see a list of links to listen to any of the works.  CLICK HERE