2018/2019 HE

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Team you are applying for:

* 3. Do you have a daughter eligible to play for this team?

* 4. If you are not selected for the team noted above please advise of alternative teams you would consider coaching:

* 5. Qualifications - Please update your current status by indicating certification number and date obtained:

* 6. Coaching Experience - Please summarize your most recent coaching experience

* 7. Coaching Philosophy - Briefly describe your thoughts on this:

* 8. Strategy and Difference Maker - Describe the coaching strategy you would look to implement for the team you are applying for and the key aspects that would make the difference for the team.

* 9. What are some key factors that you personally would bring if coaching the team you are applying for:

* 10. Additional relevant comments to share:

* 11. As a condition of applying, all coaching candidates agree to adhere to:
(a) the LDGHA's screening process, which includes verification of criminal record check, communication with relevant external parties to verify the coaches qualifications and other relevant information noted by the applicants;
(b) LDGHA's player development program;
(c) LDGHA's Code of Conduct;
(d) LDGHA's Rules and Regulation

The LDGHA reserves the right to replace or suspend a coach at any time. Successful coaching candidate must sign an acknowledgement of the terms of their appointment prior to the appointment becoming effective.

Not all applicants will be interviewed.

The Devilettes thank you for your interest in coaching our players.