* 1. What is your age?

* 2. I'm a Novel Crossing Member (I've registered to log in).

* 3. I'm a Novel Crossing Street Team Member.

* 4. How computer/techno-savvy would you say you are?

* 5. How often have you logged on to NovelCrossing.com?

* 6. If you've only been on the site 3 times or fewer, it's because: (check all that apply; SKIP if you've logged on 4 or more times)

* 7. PRIOR to this survey, I was aware that on NovelCrossing: (check all that apply; skip if none apply)

* 8. When I'm searching for a particular author, I'm interested in finding out (check all that apply):

* 9. I find the description and representation of the books on Novel Crossing to be...

* 10. I've posted one-sentence or more in-depth reviews on NovelCrossing:

* 11. I'd be more interested in writing reviews if... (fill in)

* 12. These things would encourage me to visit NovelCrossing more often (check all that apply):

* 13. What other book-oriented site do you frequent the MOST?

* 14. What's the PRIMARY reason you frequent that other site?

* 15. I am part of a book group that discusses Christian fiction.

* 16. If Novel Crossing offered discussion questions for novels and book groups, I'd consider that:

* 17. I’d be interested in a free Book-matchmaker program (“If you like this book, then you might like…”) on Novel Crossing.

* 18. Movies that are somewhat similar to a novel would help me know which novels I might like to read. (Ex: If you liked the movie “Far and Away” you might like Suzie Author’s The General’s Daughter)

* 19. What changes, if any, would you have to see to make NovelCrossing.com the #1 book site you turned to for news on Christian fiction?

* 20. In regard to NovelCrossing's e-newsletter, I:

* 21. I'd be interested in attending a NovelCrossing Facebook party (set date and time when you can interact with authors on Facebook in real time):

* 22. If Novel Crossing has a book birthday (launch/release day) announcement feature, and I’d expressed interest in certain authors, I'd:

* 23. What else would you like us to know as we consider improvements to Novel Crossing and ways to engage more readers in our community?

* 24. If we have follow-up questions about your survey responses, would it be okay for us to contact you? If so, please fill in your name and email address in the box below.

* 25. THANK YOU for your participation and helping us to refine the Novel Crossing site experience. 1 in 10 survey respondents will be able to pick a book of choice from WaterBrook’s newest releases, while supplies last. USA RESIDENTS ONLY. If you're in a country outside the USA, we welcome your feedback; international postage costs simply prohibit us from sending prizes. Sorry!

Survey responses due January 17, 2014.
Book winners will be randomly drawn and contacted by January 22, 2014.

If you’re a prize winner, how would you like us to contact you? We suggest you fill in name, address and email below. Phone numbers are optional. Information provided will remain confidential and we will not use this information for anything else, without your permission.