* 1. If you are under 18, Does your parent or legal guardian approve of you applying to be part of this project?

* 2. Please provide the following personal information.

* 3. Please provide the following academic information.

* 4. Have you ever been stung by a bee?

* 5. Are you allergic to bees?

* 6. Have you been around bee hives or handled bees?

* 7. If yes, please tell us about it

* 8. Do you have access to reliable transportation? Weekly meetings will be held reasonably close to public transportation

* 9. The club will run weekly from May - November (2 hours per week). Are you willing to commit a minimum of 40 hours to this project? NOTE: the meeting schedule will be determined by the needs of the participants and is not known at this time

* 10. Pending additional funding, there may be a possibility for an extension of the course through to March 2018. If this was the case, would you still commit to participating in the club? ***Please note: additional meetings would provide more in-depth opportunities to build upon leadership skills (e.g., through public outreach events), woodworking and building skills (e.g., hive construction), and marketing and sales work (through business planning training, honey and hive product processing procedures, marketing, and sales of honey and other hive products).

* 11. Beekeeping requires lifting and carrying of boxes and equipment. Do you have any physical barriers to lifting or carrying heavy objects?

* 12. Do you currently have a valid drivers license - Alberta Class 6 or 7 (learners) ?

* 13. Please tell us why you would like to be part of this project

* 14. Pending additional funding, we hope to provide a second, separate "Junior Club" for ages 7-11 (Grades 3-6). Please indicate whether you have a younger sibling that would be interested in attending a Junior Club.

* 15. If you have any questions please type them here, or direct them to agriculture@northlands.com Thank you for applying and good luck!

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