Techie Camp Letter of Recommendation

With support from Nordson, TECH CORPS will implement its Techie Camp® program with 160 students during the summer of 2019.

Techie Camp is a full-day, week-long summer experience designed specifically for elementary and middle school students. The goal of Techie Camp is to engage students in activities that can stimulate a deeper interest in technology as well as provide opportunities for them to express their imaginations. Students can take a "deep dive" into Programming, Robotics, App Development or Web Development.  
Student Selection Process:

Students interested in being selected to participate will need to complete the full application. Up to 20 students will be selected for each camp based on their application (10 points), short answer questions (60 points) and letter of recommendation (30 points). Please note that incomplete applications, including separate letter of recommendation, will NOT be considered. Student notifications will begin the week of May 13th  and will continue until all slots are filled.
One of your students has applied for Techie Camp and is requesting a letter of recommendation from you on his/her behalf. Please answer the following questions to complete the student's application package.