Dear Hudson Valley Nonprofit,

Whether you are a small arts organization, a comprehensive service agency, a retreat center or a university, your nonprofit organization is touched by our changing climate and, with it, the pressing need to reduce waste of energy and resources. With this challenge comes an opportunity - to gain mastery over your internal systems and bring innovation opportunities to your constituencies.

Have you had an energy assessment for your building? Have you upgraded your physical plant, fleet, appliances? Have you worked with your employees to run operations in the most resource-efficient way possible? Have you looked at the benefits of greener operations for your employees or clients - healthier food, daylighting, landscape improvements, ride-sharing?

The New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON) has partnered with Sustainable Hudson Valley to engage the nonprofit sector in an important collaboration, the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative of the Hudson Valley. While our seven counties work to reduce the region's carbon footprint through a big-picture "Cleaner, Greener Communities" plan focusing on governmental actions, the nonprofit sector has much to gain by working on a parallel process. This initiative will help participating nonprofits to identify and reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, capture opportunities to save money and possibly create new ventures in energy -- or resource -- conservation that could provide economic benefits to our constituents. We are especially excited about the possibility of creating a new, scalable business venture that could contribute to the employment and training safety net.

As we plan this effort, your input is essential. Please share the benefit of your experience in this short survey.

If you have any questions, please let us know...and thank you!


Audrey Grifel
845-454-5062 or 800-515-5012, x-153