Call for Nominations!

The Commissioner’s Special Recognition Awards will remain virtual for 2022 and take place on Thursday, December 1, at 2:00pm. 

A completed electronic nomination must be submitted by Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 5 PM EDT.
All questions must be filled in for the nomination to be finalized (unless otherwise specified).
Nominations will NOT be accepted after 5 PM EDT.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

All nominations must be someone who has never received a World AIDS Day Commissioner's Special Recognition Award. The person submitting a nomination is responsible for confirming previous awardee status or email to confirm previous awardee status.

Only one Nominee per New York State Region and Topic Area will be chosen to receive an award, based exclusively on a complete and legible summary provided for a Nominee.

As of September 9, 2022, you may close a survey in progress and return to it from the same device. Any pages you have submitted will be saved, but answers on pages you didn't submit will be lost. 

Please note that this system will accept only one nomination from any given device. If you wish to submit a second nomination and don't have ready access to another device, please email .
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