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This application is effective for the April 16, 2015 election of Directors. Deadline for applications is October 17, 2014.


By applying for the position of a Director on the Board, you are committing to serve the Board as a voting member, develop policies, procedures, & regulations for operations; & monitor finances, products, & performance. You also agree to fulfill all obligations described below, & agree to immediately resign your position should you be unable to fulfill the duties & responsibilities of the position. You need to fully understand your fiduciary responsibility that will be entrusted to you and attest that you will perform the duties to the best of your abilities. Finally, you acknowledge & accept that your service is a non-compensated position.

The term of your appointment is 3 years commencing from the Annual Meeting at which you may be elected.

Meeting Attendance:

• Regularly attend meetings as scheduled, with not less than an 80% attendance rate per board member. Per Policy, a Director may be removed due to attendance of 80% or less, and his/her candidacy for a subsequent term may be rejected.
• Participate in committees.
• Attend retreats, workshops, & training opportunities.
• Attend Credit Union Annual Meeting & other special events.
• Attend Strategic Planning Sessions.


• Establish Policy.
• Select, Appraise, & Support the President/CEO.
• Monitor Finances & Assure Soundness.
• Develop, Monitor, & Update Strategic Plans.
• Assure Products & Services meet member's needs.
• Keep current on all Regulations, Policies, & Trends.
• Attend/Complete Annual Training Seminars.
• Upon completion of all training seminars provide a brief presentation to the Board in order to expand that training to the entire Board.
• Report immediately to the Chairman any conflicts of interest that would prohibit you from fulfilling all of your duties & responsibilities as a Director.
• Strictly abide by the Credit Union’s Code of Ethics Policy, adopted 3/26/09, as amended.
• Know & acknowledge a thorough vetting of Directors shall be done by insurers who provide liability insurance for Directors.
• Shall respect & maintain confidentiality of information revealed to Directors.

Specific Duties:

• Attend meetings.
• Be well informed on agenda items in advance of meetings.
• Listen respectfully to others.
• Participate in open exchange of ideas & decision making.
• Represent the Credit Union.
• Educate yourself on the needs of the members.
• Participate in training events.
• Within the initial 12 months as a Director for the term elected, you must successfully complete the CUNA online course which satisfies NCUA Regulation §701.4, “General authorities and duties of Federal Credit Union Directors,” The cost of online course work relating to these competencies shall be paid by the Credit Union. Currently, CUNA offers a 6 course module with 6 course-specific exams, which culminate in the awarding of the CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certification, after successful performance on the exams. This Certification module satisfies NCUA Regulation §701.4.


• Candidate must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 as of election date, be a member in good standing, & a US citizen. Good standing is defined as (1) $10 minimum balance, (2) No delinquent loans.


1. Complete & sign the Nomination Application. Submit completed application to the President/CEO no later than the close of business on 10/17/14 to be considered for nomination at the Annual Meeting on 4/16/15. Submit a headshot of yourself for the election process.
2. Mail all materials to: Credit Union of Georgia, Attn: President/CEO, P.O. Box 2148, Woodstock, GA 30188.
3. If you have any questions, contact the current Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

1. Please Anwser All Questions:

2. Do you have a relative(s) that works for the Credit Union?
If YES, you are ineligible to apply.

3. List Credit Union Committees (Including Dates) You Have Served On, Credit Union of Georgia or Other:

4. List Your Training Experiences That Directly Relate To Financial Management:

5. List Other Experiences (Including Dates) Related To The Financial Industry:

6. List All Other Community Service or Charitable Organizations You Have Been Involved With. Include Length Of Service And Any Other Offices Or Positions Held With Such Organization:

7. Q & A

The “Questions and Answers” section below is intended to provide members with a better understanding of the skills and strengths that you would bring to the Credit Union if elected to office. Answers to the following questions must be limited to 75 words or less per question. All answers are to be reprinted verbatim. If an answer is more than 75 words, the Credit Union reserves the right to edit your information to comply with the 75-word requirement.


By submitting this application,
1. I certify that I have read and meet the above “ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS”.
2. I certify that I have read the above "Duties & Responsibilites of The Board of Directors" and understand that this is a non-compensated, volunteer position.
3. I pledge that if elected, I will carry out the responsibilities of a Director to the best of my abilities and work for the betterment of the Credit Union of Georgia.