No Secret is one year old this month and still needs our help to grow into a finished trail.  The amount of trail and the speed with which it get created is a function of work done.  Work is done entirely by volunteers.  We find that more volunteers not only makes work go faster but also encourages EVEN MORE volunteers to come out, sort of a positive feedback "spiral".  Your answers to the following questions will help us organize the project to take best advantage of the community's resources and interest levels.  This trail belongs to all of us.  Own it and take responsibility for it and it will take care of you when its all grown up!

* 1. Have you spent time trail building this past year (you can choose more than one answer)?

* 2. How have you financially supported local trailbuilding this year? (you may choose more than one answer and you can do something about this before answering ;) )

* 3. What do you think of the No Secret Trail Project so far - (please clarify with comments/feedback otherwise answers have limited value)?

  N/A Disappointed Satisfied Impressed
Trail character
Progress of Project
Communication, Updating and Outreach about the Project
Quality of your experience volunteering on Build Days

* 4. How do you best get information about Trail Building opportunities?

  I don't use/subscribe to this I will subscribe to this now that I know about it I subscribe to this but don't use it I use this sometimes This is a/the primary way I stay informed
Team Dirt Facebook Page (Team Dirt, A chapter of IMBA)
Corvallis Mountain Bikers Facebook Page
Alsea Falls Builder Page
No Secret Email List
Team Dirt Website Calendar
OSU Forest Recreation Email Updates/Newsletters
Word of Mouth

* 5. What is your biggest concern about local trails currently (1=most important, 5=least important)?

* 6. What keeps you from volunteering (more) at Build Days on No Secret?

  Does not apply to me much Sometimes this matters This is one of the main obstacles for me
I often don't know about build days
I don't really love trail building (even if I am glad people do it)
I am not a fan of the trail itself and don't see myself using it a lot
I don't feel like I have a lot to offer/I don't know much about trailbuilding

* 7. Please share any other feedback here, it will be read and used to strategize the future of this project and others.

* 8. If you would like to be added to the email list to get regular updates leave your contact information (email) here