Envisioning Our Future: Next Steps Toward Implementing Long-Range Priorities

Please complete the following questions:

* 1. What is your zip code (enter 5-digits only)

* 2. Which region listed below best describes the area of Virginia where you live?

* 3. What is your primary affiliation?

If DEQ continues the “Envisioning Our Future” effort, do you think it is a GOOD IDEA to . . .

* 4. Post a compilation of input from the Environment Virginia 2013 breakout sessions & electronic surveys on DEQ’s & VMI’s websites?

* 5. Provide an opportunity for stakeholders to submit additional information to DEQ staff for posting on these websites (similar to blog or bulletin board on Futures)?

* 6. Post information on these websites about existing collaborative programs in Virginia that are successfully addressing future priorities?

* 7. Convene Town Hall meeting(s) where stakeholders (including local governments) can continue to discuss priorities with state government representatives & help formulate steps to address issues of common concern?

* 8. Encourage groups to convene collaborative meetings where long-term environmental priorities are addressed by all governmental and non-governmental stakeholders?

* 9. Consider holding sessions at Environment Virginia 2014 where progress made by governmental and non-governmental stakeholders can be reported and discussed?

* 10. What next steps would you suggest taking?

* 11. Optional information: