Version 2.0 Draft Overview - PEPFAR Strategy: Vision 2025

We are deeply grateful for our ongoing collaboration with a diversity of stakeholders and constituencies around the world as we collectively develop the next PEPFAR Strategy: Vision 2025.

Thank you to the nearly 2,000 people who joined the next PEPFAR Strategy listening sessions and to the hundreds who submitted written feedback via the online portal last month. The insights and inputs that we have received so far have been deeply valuable, and continue to shape and strengthen the Strategy's ongoing development.

As we continue the PEPFAR Strategy development process, we hope that you will keep your inputs coming, including by reflecting on Version 2.0 of the Draft Overview PEPFAR Strategy, and providing written feedback on individual sections of the draft document. The more specific and targeted that you are in your responses, the more easily we can consider your ideas.

Please submit all responses by 5:00 PM EDT on September 30.

Thank you,

Question Title

* 1. Feedback on PEPFAR Strategy Vision and Intro

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* 2. Feedback on Goal 1 and Related Objectives

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* 3. Feedback on Goal 2 and Related Objectives

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* 4. Feedback on Goal 3 and Related Objectives

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* 5. Feedback on Leveraging the PEPFAR Platform for Broader Health Impact, While Focusing on HIV