This survey has 18 multiple-choice questions and a space for comments.

The Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG) is the nation’s eighth largest federal domestic program, which provides funding for a wide variety of activities in over one thousand communities across the country. Since 1974, CDBG funding has been the means through which Newton has been able to provide human services, affordable housing, economic opportunities and public facilities to benefit low- and moderate-income persons and families that would otherwise be unable to obtain such support.

We hope you will take the time to participate in this survey, which is designed to help identify the needs of these families and inform where the City will target its funding priorities in the FY16-20 Consolidated Plan, the City’s five-year CDBG funding plan. Your responses will be kept anonymous. Thank you for your time.

Considering that resources are limited, please indicate how you would prioritize the following community development activities.

Question Title

* 1. Accessibility

  No Opinion Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Access to curb cuts and sidewalks
Access to parks and open space
Access to public buildings
Increased affordable, accessible housing
Day programs or supportive services
Employment assistance
Housing modifications for accessibility

Question Title

* 2. Affordable Housing Development/Programs

  No Opinion Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Create affordable ownership housing
Create affordable rental housing
Create affordable housing with supportive services
Create affordable senior housing
Increase efforts to prevent homelessness
Provide housing rehabilitation (correction of code violations, hazard abatement, accessibility improvements, etc.)
Provide homeownership programs (e.g. down payment assistance)
Provide housing discrimination education
Provide rent subsidies (e.g., monthly rent, security deposit)

Question Title

* 3. Economic Development

  No Opinion Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Physical improvements to encourage business/job growth (village revitalization, building accessibility, energy efficiency, etc.)
Small business loan assistance
Technical assistance to businesses (financial management, strategic planning, etc.)
Job training

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* 4. Human Services

  No Opinion Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Children services (Child care, after school care, etc.)
Elder services (Adult day services, assistance in obtaining entitlements and social services)
Family services (domestic violence assistance, parent education)
Health/mental health services
Homelessness services
Job training & placement services
Neglected/abused children services
People with disabilities services (employment/training, day centers, etc.)
Substance abuse services
Veteran services
Youth services (After school activities, mentoring, etc.)

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* 5. Public Infrastructure

  No Opinion Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Provide assistance to community center facilities
Street lighting improvements
Parks and open space improvements
Provide assistance to senior center facilities
Sidewalk improvements
Street tree plantings
Water & sewer improvements
Youth Center facilities assistance

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* 6. Priority Program Areas