This form provides an online method for K-12 schools in South Carolina to request participation in Discus - South Carolina's Virtual Library. Institutions within the K-12 community that are eligible for participation include public school districts, public charter schools, and private schools that are accredited by an established and approved accrediting organization.

Discus provides a collection of electronic library resources for individuals of all ages and interests. Coordinated by the South Carolina State Library, Discus is funded primarily by the South Carolina General Assembly. As an eligible school in South Carolina, your institution's students and faculty are entitled to use these resources free-of-charge.

Simply complete and submit this form online to request Discus participation for your school. Questions about completing the form may be directed to the Discus Office.

  • Email: DiscusOffice@statelibrary.sc.gov
  • Local phone: 803-545-0201
  • Toll-free phone: 1-888-221-4643, ext. 50201

Thank you in advance for your interest in Discus participation.

1. School Name and Mailing Address

2. For private schools only: What is the name of your accrediting organization? (e.g., SACS, SAIS, SCACS, SCISA)

3. For public charter schools only: What is your school district affiliation?

4. Chief Administrator (aka Principal, Director, Headmaster, Headmistress, etc.)

5. Library Media Specialist or Librarian (if applicable)

6. Please indicate who will serve as your school's Discus Primary Contact. The person in this role will be the main liaison with the State Library for Discus, receiving important information about functionality and content of the Discus resources and sharing it within your school.

7. Please indicate who will serve as your school's Discus Technical Contact. The person in this role will communicate with the State Library regarding Internet connectivity, IP addresses, and other technical issues.

8. Please indicate the nature of the school's Internet connection.

9. If the school uses a broadband Internet connection, list the school's static, public IP addresses or ranges below.
(IP addresses that fall within the following three ranges are private and cannot be used for Discus access: 10.x.x.x, -, 192.168.x.x)

10. If any of the above-listed IP addresses are for a firewall or proxy server, please enter the addresses once again and label as "firewall" or "proxy server."

11. What is the URL of the school's Web page?

12. Who is the Web administrator for the school?

Thanks for your interest in Discus - South Carolina's Virtual Library. Once your information is received, the Discus Office will follow-up with your school and provide additional information. Your school's participation in Discus will greatly enhance access to authoritative library resources for your students, parents and teachers.

If you would like to print this completed form for your records, use the print option in your browser before submitting. If the print option does not appear, Ctrl/P can also be used to display the print window.

Important! Click SUBMIT to send your information to the Discus Office.