On the Margins: Building an Open Digital Directory of LGBT Newspapers and Periodicals

PURPOSE: The purpose of this data collection is to make more visible the corpus of news produced by and for LGBT communities by creating an open, freely available directory of LGBT newspapers and periodicals (print, microfiche, digitized, and born digital).

SCOPE: This is a field-wide collaborative effort. To succeed, we need participation from libraries, archives, and museums of all sizes, types, and statures. Whether you have one page or full runs of titles, your content matters and we need your help to make this content visible!

By "Newspaper and Periodical" we are deliberately opening the door to you to define what that means. If it is a published text/image piece that circulated to an audience of any size in a newspaper or periodical form, we are happy for you to include it. We are not extending to A/V news in this data collection effort (though we may in subsequent efforts!).

DATA COLLECTION DATES: August 18-Sept 30, 2017.

Please complete this survey as many times as necessary to represent the titles your institution has in its collections by or before September 30, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact courtney (at) educopia.org for further information. A full, printable list of the survey questions is available at https://educopia.org/publications. 

This survey is conducted by the Educopia Institute, in partnership with the Digital Public Library of America. For more information about the project, including where the registries will be published, please visit http://educopia.org/research/margins. 

To contribute information about your institution's African American newspapers and periodicals, for which we are also creating a directory at this time, please visit the related survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NewsOnTheMargins_AFAM

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* 1. Please provide your institution's name.

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* 2. Please list the title of a newspaper or periodical your institution has collected in print, microfiche, or digital form(s).

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* 3. Has this newspaper/periodical used any additional titles during its history.

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* 4. Has this newspaper/periodical used a tag line?