You spoke. We listened. Join us for the next step!

The City of Newport is well on its way to creating a Vision and Strategic Plan for our community. Thanks to community feedback through multiple community events and online participation, we have developed a draft vision. Please join us to make sure we’ve got it right. Now is the time to participate in steering the future of our growing town.

Since the project launch, we’ve been holding community conversations around several basic questions:
- Where are we now?

- Where are we going?
- Where do we want to be?  
- How do we get there?

Community members have explored these questions in these conversation areas:
Focus Area 1: Enhancing a Livable Region
Focus Area 2: Preserving & Enjoying Our Environment
Focus Area 3: Creating New Businesses & Jobs
Focus Area 4: Learning, Exploring, & Creating New Horizons
Focus Area 5: Improving Community Health & Safety
Focus Area 6: Fostering Collaboration & Engagement

By taking this survey, you’ll be evaluating the work done so far and offering your own additional ideas and insight. This will help us finalize vision statements for each of the conversation areas. 

If you would like to learn more about the activities leading up to this vision, visit the webpage at Or, for questions or comments, please email Rachel Cotton at or call 541.574.3341.

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