1. 2011 Newark Youth & Community Summit Registration

The American Conference on Diversity is proud to host its 2011 Youth & Community Summit (made possible with the generous contribution of the Prudential Foundation) on May 6, at Essex County College in Newark, NJ.

This is your official registration form for the 2011 Newark Youth & Community Summit.

Please complete this registration for you and your students by Friday, April 22. Confirmation notices will be emailed within 10 business days after your registration is received.

If you have additional questions, please call (732) 745-9330 or e-mail info@americanconferenceondiversity.org.

* 1. All future correspondences will be emailed to you using the information provided below. Please provide the following information.

* 2. Each School will be allowed to send teams with up to 15 participants including adult chaperones.
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