* 1. How would you prefer to receive information and updates on the activities of New Visions Homeless Day Shelter? (You may select more than one.)

* 2. How often would you like to receive news about New Visions?

* 3. What kinds of stories or information would you like to see about New Visions? (You may check more than one.)

* 4. What do you like most about the current New Visions Newsletter?

* 5. What would you change about the current New Visions Newsletter?

* 6. When the New Visions newsletter arrives in my mail I …

* 7. I would rate the quality of writing in the New Visions Newsletter as ….

* 8. I would rate the photos and illustrations in the New Visions Newsletter as ...

* 9. I would rate the overall quality of the current New Visions Newsletter as ...

* 10. Please provide names, addresses and/or e-mail address for others who you believe might like to be added to our distribution list.

* 11. This survey is intended to be anonymous and no questions are "required" to be answered. However, we would appreciate you also responding to the next five questions. Your responses will help us gain a demographic picture of who took the time to assist with our survey. Thank you.

I am between the ages of:

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* 13. My location in New Jersey is:

* 14. I believe I receive the New Visions Newsletter because I … (check more than one if applicable)

* 15. Please list any other LSM/NJ programs that you are familiar with, participate in, and/or support.