Below is the list of proposed names for the New Parish:

St. James
Rationale:  St. James was one of the first Apostles. The first Catholic church in Washington County in the 1700s was named St. James. The 3 churches, I.C., St. Hilary and Sacred Heart are located within the same area as the original St. James.

Agnus Dei
Rationale:  This name relates to Jesus and His sacrifice so that we might have eternal life. This gives hope to all.

Lamb of God
Rationale:  Same as above.

Holy Name
Rationale:  This name relates to being part of Christ’s body - His Church. We need to get back to proclaiming the good news of the Gospel and sharing Jesus’ name with everyone we meet. In addition, the monogram of Jesus’ Name IHS can also represent Immaculate Conception, St. Hilary and Sacred Heart, the 3 churches that are merging.

St. Philomena
Rationale:  St. Philomena is a powerful intercession for many cases including hopeless causes, the work of our priests, and help for the sick.

Holy Cross
Rationale:  Another name relating to Jesus and His love for us.

Blessed Sacrament
Rationale:  The Blessed Sacrament is the heart and center of our Catholic Faith. Without the Eucharist there would be no Church.

St. Maximilian Kolbe
Rationale:  He had a great devotion to Mary and was of Polish Heritage.

St. Teresa Bendicta of the Cross
Rationale:  St. Teresa can be an example for us to place everything in the hands of our Lord.

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