AFCC 57th Annual Conference Workshop Proposal Submission Form


AFCC 57th Annual Conference
When a Child Rejects a Parent: Are We Part of the Problem or the Solution?
May 27-30, 2020
Marriott New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
Submission deadline: October 2, 2019.

Proposals are being accepted for ninety-minute workshop sessions.

We strongly recommend you write your proposal in a word processing program and then paste each response into the submission form. This will mitigate the chance of data loss and you will have a copy of your submission (no copy of your submission is otherwise available). To begin submitting a proposal, scroll down to the bottom of this page, respond to the three statements, then click "Next" to get to the pages where you will paste your proposal. Before proceeding, be sure to have the following information available:


1. The name and email address of the presenter who will coordinate your workshop.

2. A workshop title limited to 80 characters; please do note use ampersands to save space.

3. An abstract of 250 words or fewer describing your proposed workshop.

4. A program ready description of your proposed workshop, written in third person (80-90 words) for the conference brochure. AFCC reserves the right to edit descriptions for consistency.

5. A description of the relevance of your workshop to the AFCC community (250 words or fewer).

6. A description of the limitations of the proposed content, including contradictory perspectives and/or evidence.

7. For research proposals, include brief descriptions of your methodology, results, conclusions and applications for practice, policy implications and future research (250 words or fewer).

8. Please tell us how this workshop will help bring diversity to the association? (250 words or fewer).

9. Three recent citations (within the last 10 years) from the academic or professional literature that provide empirical support for your program. Please do not include newsletters or magazine articles, or links to websites. (Note: your proposal may be considered without answering this question, but it will not be eligible for continuing education for psychologist).

10. Three learning objectives addressed by your proposed workshop. Click here for guidance on writing behavioral learning objectives

11. Name, address, telephone, and email address for all proposed presenters. Please limit academic degrees to two per presenter.

12. Name, telephone number and email address of two professional references per workshop.

13. After submitting the information for your proposed workshop, please email CVs or resumes for all proposed presenters to

There is a maximum of four presenters per workshop (including moderators) and a maximum of two proposals per presenter. 

The deadline for proposals is October 2, 2019. AFCC is unable to guarantee consideration of incomplete proposals or those submitted after the deadline. Proposals must be submitted via the online SurveyMonkey form. Fax, mail and email submissions will not be accepted.

AFCC strives to accept proposals from as many presenters as possible while also limiting presentations to one per person. This is not always possible; however, presenters submitting multiple proposals with different co-presenters often results in the rejection of one of the proposals, and therefore, the co-presenters.

AFCC offers a reduced registration rate for conference presenters, but is unable to reimburse for travel or related expenses. There is a limit of two proposals per proposed presenter.

Please verify the spelling and accuracy of the names and degrees of all propo

Question Title

* 1. Presenter expense understanding

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* 2. Presenter information accuracy understanding

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* 3. Presenter availability understanding

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* 4. Please indicate if your workshop is intended for: