The CAESAR home page now includes a “New Manage Classes” tile, available to most Evanston-based students. Please provide feedback on your overall experience using this redesigned and mobile-friendly version of the class search and registration components.

NOTE: If you are both a Northwestern student and faculty/staff member, please answer the following questions from the perspective of your role as a student.

* 1. For Fall 2018 registration, were you able to use successfully the "New Manage Classes" components throughout your search and enrollment?

* 2. If you had issues with the "New Manage Classes" components--or you gave up using the "New Manage Classes" components--please explain.

* 3. Using the "Class Search and Enroll" component in the "New Manage Classes" collection for Fall 2018 registration, I was able to easily find the classes I needed to register for.

* 4. Please rank the devices you used, during Fall 2018 registration only, from most frequently used (1) to least frequently used (4):

* 5. Please select the mobile-friendly components from "New Manage Classes" that you used during this Fall 2018 registration period.

* 6. What else would you like us to know about your experience using the "New Manage Classes" components?