* Your responses are confidential and will only be seen by the Horizons staff.

* 1. How long have you been attending New Hope UMC?

* 2. In which range does your age fall?

* 3. Do you believe that constructing a new worship center is a faithful response to God’s calling for New Hope today?

* 4. Do you believe the new worship center will help New Hope advance for mission and ministry in the future?

* 5. Do you believe that most people in the church are aware of the church’s vision for a new worship center?

* 6. Do you feel the right leadership is in place for a successful campaign?

  Yes No Don't Know
Key Lay Leaders

* 7. Do you believe the church is providing adequate information regarding the construction of the new worship center?

* 8. In your opinion, for the last 12 months, has your church been:

* 9. If asked, would you be willing to consider serving in a well-defined and limited role on a        committee for this campaign, if it did not involve asking persons directly for money?

* 10. Will you be willing to make a three-year commitment (over and above your annual contribution) to support this effort?

* 11. What range of giving might you consider for a three-year total commitment (over and above your contribution to the annual budget)?

* 12. Please note any comments you think would be helpful for us to know, such as your hopes and dreams for the future of New Hope United Methodist Church.