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The first few weeks on campus as a new faculty member are an exciting adventure. There are many responsibilities that must be fulfilled and details that need to be attended to prior to the start of the semester. To assist you with accomplishing a few of these tasks, we have compiled a pre-orientation. This process is designed to provide you with necessary information that will save time and better equip you to begin the semester.

This orientation should take about twenty minutes of your time. It is important that you fill out the form at the end of the session so we can record that you have completed the online orientation. To access any of the web addresses included in the orientation information, highlight the entire link and right click to select the option for opening the address in a new window.

The following topics will be covered:

Section I: New Employee Information
1. Global ID & Email
2. Campus ID Card
3. Computer Setup and Help Desk Information
4. Parking Permit
5. Compensation
6. Benefits & Wellness
7. Upload your CV to OFIS

Section II: Policies & Procedures
1. Intellectual Property
2. Copyright Materials
4. Nondiscrimination
5. Sexual Misconduct 
6. Emergency Preparedness in the Classroom
7. Administrative Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Section III: Preparing for Classes
1. Course syllabus
2. Blackboard

Section IV: Other Resources
1. CMU Bulletins
2. Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning