* 1. How did you vote on Measure W?

* 3. Should outdoor cultivation be allowed in  Residential-1, Residential-2 and Residential-3 neighborhoods? (R-1 is single family homes, R-2 is two units on a parcel, R-3 is apartments/condos.)

* 4. Should outdoor cultivation be allowed in R-A (Residential-Agriculture) neighborhoods? (Typically these parcels are 3 - 5 acres)

* 5. Should outdoor cultivation be allowed in AG (Agricultural) zones?

* 6. Do you favor using plants counts or square footage to determine the size of grow sites?

* 7. How many plants should be allowed on AG zones 5 acres or less?

* 8. How many plants should be allowed on AG zones 5 - 10  acres?

* 9. How many plants should be allowed on AG zones 10 - 20  acres?

* 10. How many plants should be allowed on AG zones 20+  acres?

* 11. How many plants should be allowed on AG zones 40+  acres?

* 12. Which of the following sensitive use area setbacks do you feel are necessary?  Choose all that apply. 1 Low 5 High

  1 2 3 4 5
School Evacuation Zones
Active School Bus Stops
Inactive School Bus Stops
Child Care Centers

* 13. What distance to you favor from sensitive use setbacks?

* 14. How should the setback from a garden to the next door residence be measured?

* 15. Should setbacks be determined by parcel size?

* 16. Should setbacks be determinded by zone designation?

* 17. Under MMRSA (state law), patients are allowed 100 sq feet for personal cultivation.  Will that be enough cannabis to supply your needs?

* 18. Did you realize that if Measure W passed, it would ban commercial cannabis cultivation?

* 19. Do you favor a system to tax & regulate commercial cultivation?

* 20. Do you favor a medical marijuana dispensary in Nevada County?

* 21. To discourage a monopoly, do you favor more than one dispensay in Nevada County?

* 22. Most patients no longer smoke cannabis. Increasingly they use tinctures, salves, or capsules which requires processing into an oil base. (This is completely different from illegal honey oil labs which use butane!) Do you favor a licensed manufacturing processing center in Nevada County to remove any risk from family homes?

* 23. Do you favor keeping MMJ cultivation in the County, dispensaries in the cities?

* 24. Do you favor a central manufacturing center in industrial zoned sections of the cities?

* 25. If available, would you apply for a permit to grow commercial cannabis?

* 26. Which of the following cultivation licenses would you support in Nevada County:

* 27. What do you feel is a reasonable price for a permit?