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Thank you for your interest in the AAP Neurodevelopment ECHO 
Learning Collaborative!
The AAP Neurodevelopment ECHO will serve as a forum for staff from pediatric primary care practices to develop knowledge and capacity to improve the monitoring, screening and follow-up care for children aged birth through 8 years with neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioral problems. There will be an emphasis on prenatal alcohol exposure as a potential cause. Practices will identify a multi-disciplinary team and adhere to the quality improvement framework. 

There will be a kick off session on Wednesday, December 4 at 2:00pm Central to go over details and logistics of the program.

The ECHO will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, December 2019 – June 2020, from 2:00-3:00 PM Central (3:00-4:00 PM Eastern)

Practices that wish to participate in the Quality Improvement (QI) component must:
  • Provide primary care to patients 0-8 years
  • Secure approval from practice leadership to participate in this project.
  • Agree to following participation requirements:
    • Participate in the project for its duration of 8 months
    • Each PRACTICE complete monthly de-identified retrospective chart reviews (up to 10 charts or more) for a total of 7 cycles through AAP Quality Improvement Data Aggregator (QIDA)
      • If a multi-site health system, each site leader should complete a separate practice application and adhere to the same participation requirements
      • Monthly chart reviews will include charts from their respective sites ONLY
    • Each PRACTICE submits a PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) worksheet monthly
    • Each PRACTICE conducts at least 1 coaching call with the AAP QI Consultant within the first two months of the project
    • Each INDIVIDUAL attend 75% of ECHO sessions “LIVE”
    • Each INDIVIDUAL views 100% of the archived ECHO sessions for any sessions they did not attend live
    • Each INDIVIDUAL attends 90% of team huddles to review data and plan and implement PDSA process improvement cycles
    • Each INDIVIDUAL completes all program evaluations and participates in a focus group
  • Identify a core project team that will be responsible for providing leadership and oversight within the practice for the initiative. The team may include, at a minimum, a primary care physician who will serve as physician lead; a nurse; and/or an additional team member such as a front office person, practice manager, or care coordinator (this role will be responsible for data submission for the project). Practices may choose to include additional members on the core project team, and all practice staff can participate in educational offerings.
  • If required by their institution, seek Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for participation. (Please note: The AAP IRB has reviewed and issued an exempt determination for this project, consistent with how it handles all AAP QI projects. AAP IRB review is usually sufficient for most participating practices).

    The application deadline is November 30, 2019.
    This application can be completed by the physician champion or their designee. If you are unable to finish the application in one session, you may return to the survey at a later time. For questions about the project or assistance completing this application, contact Shannon Limjuco at

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