This is a very quick survey that should take less than a minute of your time to complete. We are interested in finding out what people know about electricity use and production in South Africa. We will not share your personal details with anyone. If you have requested further information, we will send it to you within 3 months.

* 1. If you could make your own electricity cheaper than you could buy it, would you want to do this?

* 2. Do you know what Net Metering is?

* 3. Do you know what a Grid Tie Inverter is?

* 4. If you answered no to the questions on Grid Tie and Net Metering, would you like more information?

* 5. We are considering demonstrating outside parliament for our rights to produce and share electricity across our national grid. Would you be interested in joining this demonstration?

* 6. How did you hear about this survey?

* 7. Where do you live?

* 8. Where do you live?

* 9. How old are you?

* 10. What is your highest level of education?

* 11. What is your first name?

* 12. What is your last name?

* 13. What is your email address?