Survey Background

WHAT IS UNIVERSAL ACCESS? Universal Access is a growing global goal to enable all citizens, both with and without disabilities, to access public spaces and transport systems. The ability to access economic opportunities and public services is a basic human right and must be enabled, as far as possible, by appropriate provision of public services and infrastructure design.

WHO DOES UNIVERSAL ACCESS BENEFIT? Universal Access benefits everyone, not only those who have specific requirements as a result of a disability. People using public transport, walking, cycling and even private car users can all benefit from this goal of Universal Access. This being acknowledged, specific user requirements must be considered for persons such as those with disabilities, intellectual impairments, the elderly, children, carers accompanying small children, pregnant women etc.

WHY DO WE NEED DATA? In order to better plan for and roll out Universal Access in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Engineers and Planners must understand the needs of particular groups. Limited available data hinders this, therefore requiring data collection processes such as this questionnaire.

WHAT INFORMATION IS REQUIRED? The questionnaire has five sections, each with a specific purpose:

1. Who are you – We request your name and contact details. These are optional questions and may be omitted if you have safety and privacy concerns. We do not share this information with marketing companies and all personal information is kept confidential. The request for name and contact details will allow the municipality to build a database of special users and their needs. Additionally, you may be contacted if the Municipality would like more information about your special needs.

2. Your demographic group – This seeks to identify your age and gender so that we can differentiate between the needs of different user groups.

3. Your travel patterns – To help plan a system to meet your needs, we need information on where you are travelling from and to, the frequency of your travel and mode of travel.

4. Your Universal Access needs – We request information on your specific requirements when travelling. What is the nature of your needs and the difficulties you encounter at each stage of your trip? This allows us to plan services and facilities to address your challenges.

5. Payment for transport services –This will help us determine the cost of travel for special users and your available/ preferred methods of payment.

The questionnaire is designed to help us identify your Universal Access needs and design services and infrastructure to meet these needs. Please take the time to complete the questionnaire and be a part of creating a better transport experience for yourself and all residents of Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.
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