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Registrations are processed in the order received. Workshop slots are limited. Register early. Acceptance notices will be sent shortly after the August 28, 2013 registration close date, or earlier.

Please Note: Sending this registration form is NOT a guarantee that you will be in the workshop.

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* 3. I want to attend a Gender Influence in Negotiation Workshop. Workshop A & B have a similar format. Sign up for the one that best suits your schedule (options 1 or 2), or if you have no preference (i.e. can attend Workshop A or B), sign up for option 3. Room location (in D building, South Campus) will be sent with the acceptance notice:

* 4. I am interested in attending the Symposia on "Learning to Negotiate". Workshop applicants would benefit particularly by attending Symposium I prior to the workshop. Please indicate if you will be able to attend: