On Policing and Public Safety on Navajo Nation


We are a consulting company based in Boston, MA working with the Navajo Police Department (NPD) to develop an organizational assessment and a strategic plan. These will be used to guide the future development and work of the Department. 

In service to this process, we invite you to take this Community Survey on Policing and Public Safety on Navajo Nation. It will take 20 minutes and your responses will remain completely confidential. The consulting team will use the results to guide our recommendations to the NPD, and will share data only in the aggregate, and quotes only after anonymizing.

Your participation will help NPD to improve its services and processes. If you would like more information on the NPD strategic planning process, please contact Strategy Matters at navajonation@strategymatters.org.

You may come into contact with officers from multiple law enforcement agencies on the Nation, but please answer the questions thinking only about the Navajo Nation Police Department. 

Please indicate your response to each item by selecting the appropriate answer based on your feelings, opinions, and experiences. You may skip any survey items you do not feel comfortable responding to or know how to answer, and we appreciate your responses to as many items as possible.

The survey takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. It is administered and used solely by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC). It is completely confidential, and information will only be shared in the aggregate (e.g. the average revenue growth of all ICCC alumni is 180%). Your information will never be published or shared without your explicit permission. For more information regarding data confidentiality, consult our Privacy Policy here.

Thank you for sharing your insights and opinions.
The Strategy Matters Team and Public Safety Leadership