This is a form for anyone who would like to organise an event or activity in 'Nature Play Week' 2017.

Nature Play Week 2017 will run from 12 - 23 April in Victoria, Australia. However if you are based in another Australian state we welcome your event to the week. Registering an event is free.

We very much look forward to receiving some key information about your planned activity or event so that we can put together the online calender of events (

If some details of your event still need to be confirmed, that's not a problem. Please just provide us with the best available information and if unsure please write "to be confirmed" in the text box provided.

Kids in Nature Network value all people working in the field to reconnect kids to nature. We aim to create a shared platform , where families, small groups, big groups, and large organisations can come together to celebrate the wonders of nature play.

Your idea does not have to be big, or complicated. The beautiful thing about nature play is that it can be as simple as going to the local park with a group of friends or neighbors and letting the kids run free. Nature play isn’t about adults prescribing outdoor activities with rules for children to follow. Nature play is about taking kids into nature and allowing them the time, space and freedom to explore, discover, and find wonder in the natural world.

Nature Play Week is a part of Premier’s Active April. Please note that Victorians registering an event will also be a part of this week. For more info visit or contact us. 

We look forward to receiving your entry.
Thank you for giving kids the opportunity to get outside and experience nature!

If you know of other organisations who might like to be involved, please forward them the link to this EOI form too: 

Many thanks!

The team at Kids in Nature Network

1. Are you an individual or a part of an organisation

2. If you are a part of an organisation, what is the name of your organisation?

3. What is the name of your event/activity?

4. Please provide a description of your event or activity

5. Day and date of your event or activity

6. Start and end time of your event or activity

7. Where in Victoria will your event or activity be held?

8. Location of your event or activity

9. What is the age group targeted by your activity or event?

10. What is the estimated minimum and maximum number of children participating in the activity or event?

11. What is the estimated minimum and maximum number of adults participating in the activity or event?

12. Is the event/activity free or is there a cost to participants?

13. If the event is not free, what is the entry fee range?

14. Does your event require booking? If so please specify details.

15. Is your event open or closed to public?

16. How do you plan to promote your activity in your local community/to your target audience?

17. Contact details of person coordinating this activity/event?

18. Do you have a Working with Children Check card?

19. If you are a part of an organisation or initiative, what is your website address?

20. What is your postal address?

21. Do you have a logo? If you do, could you please forward a copy of your logo to to add to the Nature Play Week website - many thanks!

22. Do you have an image that we could use to promote your event on the Nature Play Week website? (e.g. this might be an image captured from an event previously run or something that captures the 'spirit' of the event for Nature Play Week 2017). If you do, could you please forward a copy of your image to - thanks again!

23. Have you hosted an event in Nature Play Week in previous years?

24. How did you hear of Nature Play Week?

25. Are there any other ideas, questions or comments that you would like to share with us?

Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey in preparation for Nature Play Week 2017 - the Kids in Nature Network team look forward to having your support for Nature Play Week 2017!
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