Please Read:

Attention Referring Agency,
Due to a high volume of clients needing services it is important we uphold our long-standing regulations and that the referring agency communicates and helps their client with the following items:
Referring Agency Please Attach a copy of a Release of Information for communication purposes.

The packet must be filled out completely with all signatures (All pages)

If packet and client checklist is not complete and signed, they will be returned and client will not be placed on the waiting list until complete

Please note if signature is not available due to hospitalization, incarceration, etc. that prevents a client from signing, please contact the intake specialist.  

Please ask if client has any medical issues, illnesses, disorders or medications.

All medical issues, illnesses, disorders or medications must be listed for their protection

Clients must bring medications prescribed by doctor

Clients need to bring a 90-day supply or make arrangements to receive medications

We do expect the clients to follow doctor’s recommendations

Please give a copy of Items Allowed and Not Allowed in Program to the client, so that they know what to pack

Ask client if there are any legal issues, court dates, etc. that they must attend. 

All legal matters are to be taken care of prior to entry

Any transportation required outside of our county is the responsibility of the referring agency 

To serve your client, it is important that they are taking care of their medical and legal issues so that they may concentrate on recovery. 

If a client does not divulge their illnesses, medications, disorders or legal matters, we may refer them back to their referring agency.
Native Directions Inc. will not be held liable due to any information not disclosed to our agency, in regard to medical, legal or other important information needed in order to successfully treat the client.    

Thank you for your help and understanding, if there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Crystal at (209) 858-2421.

Thank you, 
Ramona Valadez
Executive Director