Jobs-First.org partnered with the Woman’s National Democratic Club, Grassroots Coordinating Committee to create a National Messaging & Policy Task Force to help the grassroots and Party Officials coalesce around a unified message for the 2018 Midterm elections and beyond. 
We want to include as many voices as possible, so we are launching a survey to crowdsource ideas from grassroots groups nationwide. The survey asks respondents for their top ten issues (five economic/five social) which will be featured during a National Messaging & Policy Summit scheduled for January 23, 2018. 
The Task Force will also be recruiting for our “Issue Teams” (five economic and five social justice), which will be responsible for organizing meetings, conducting literature reviews, and obtaining polling data. The Issue Teams will develop policy ideas and messages for the “National Messaging & Policy Task Force - Strategic Plan” which can be integrated into the campaign platforms of our candidates, so please let us know if you are interest in participating.

* 1. Democrats announced a new message, "A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future." Please provide a 1-5 star rating describing what you think about this slogan.

* 2. Please provide your ideas for an aspirational message (This message should be concise and to the point, so please keep it to five words or less.)

* 3. Once you have considered your message, please provide an accompanying mission statement (Your mission statement should be succinct, express the purpose of the message, and hopefully inspires others to support our candidates.  Also, please keep this statement to 20 words or less)

* 4. Please rank what you believe will be the most important economic issues for voters in the next election.

* 5. Please rank what you believe will be the most important social justice issues for voters in the next election.

* 7. Why are you interested in helping to craft a national message?

* 8. What is your organization's name, approximate number of members, and mission?

* 9. If your organization would like to send a representative, please include their name, position, email, and phone number so we can provide them with updates.

* 10. Would you consider joining or volunteering with the Women's National Democratic Club, Grassroots Coordinating Committee, National Messaging Task Force, or all of the above?

* 11. Please provide your contact information so we can keep you updated on voting results and upcoming events?