* 1. What was the primary reason for your visit or from which division were you requesting specific information or assistance?

* 2. How would you rate the service you received from the reception staff at our office?

* 3. How would you rate the overall service you received from the permit center staff?

* 4. Upon arrival to the PBES lobby you signed in and identified the purpose of your visit.  Your wait time from check in until you were first assisted in the permit center was:

* 5. The PBES Permit Center opened in April 2013.  How would you rate your overall experience with PBES's Permit Center now compared to past experiences with County permitting before the opening of the Permit Center ?

* 6. Since the opening of the Permit Center, would you say PBES permitting processes are:

* 7. In what way could we improve our service to you?

* 8. What one area would make the biggest impact to the way in which permits are processed?

* 9. Please describe the service you were provided.  Include what we did well and what could use improvement.  Please include the division and the service provided.