Welcome to the Nanny Parent Index Study 

Informed Consent

Investigators: Talli Hitt, Dr. William Filstead, and Dr. Tiffany Keller

Study Title: The Nanny-Parent Index; Development of a New instrument to Increase Capability of the Match Between Nannies and Families.  
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to test questions and topics formulated for the Nanny Parent Index.  The questions that are found to be the most reliable will be added to the measure.  The final product of this research will be to produce a questionnaire that increases the probability of a successful nanny-family match.

Procedures: Participants will be asked to complete a consent form, a demographic information sheet, and the NPI questionnaire.  Only one parent may complete one NPI questionnaire, although each parent may fill out separate NPI questionnaires.  Each person must complete a consent form and demographic information sheet, even if from the same household.  Participant’s can chose to either complete the forms and mail them to the address listed, or complete the forms and submit them online.    
Compensation: All interested participants are eligible to be entered into a drawing to win a $25.00 gift card to one of two major retail stores.  A total of five gift cards will be given away upon completion of data collection.   

Risks to Participation: There is little risk to participants of this current study.  Participants may experience minimal psychological distress or frustration while completing the NPI questionnaire.  The researcher will provide contact information for participants to reach out to in case of distress.      

Benefits to Participants: Other than potentially gaining personal insight, participants will not directly benefit from this study. However, we hope the information learned from this study may benefit families, children, nannies, and society in our understanding of what creates the best match possible for families and nannies.  We hope that this will continue to provide insight that will help keep children and their families safe and increase nanny employment. 

Alternatives to Participation: Participation in this study is voluntary. You may withdraw from study participation at any time without any penalty.  The researcher welcomes additional comments and critiques in the question and comment box provided at the end of the NPI questionnaire. 
Confidentiality: During this study, information will be collected about you for the purpose of this research. This includes age, gender, household income, ethnicity, marital status, education level, age and number of children (Parents), and number of years working as a nanny (Nanny).

All information collected will be deidentified.  Demographic sheets consent forms, and NPI questionaries’ will not be stored together, and no identifying information will be kept to match demographic information and NPI answers.  All information will be stored in a locked file cabinet in a locked room, or in a lock file on a locked computer. Research materials will be kept for a minimum of five years after publication per APA guidelines.  Information sent through email or mail may potentially be seen by others, although the researcher will take all necessary measures to best protect participant materials.  In order to receive or send participant packets, or receive participation raffle prizes in the mail the participant must disclose their name and address, this information will be stored in another location than collected data. 

Your research records may be reviewed by federal agencies whose responsibility is to protect human subjects participating in research, including the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) and by representatives from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Institutional Review Board, a committee that oversees research.