Verification of Name of Record Owning Market Rights

Please complete this form for each orchard for which you apply/use Tree Top market rights. The information will be used solely for Tree Top's information and legal record keeping and is strictly confidential.

* 1. Member Name of Record as it appears on the letter you received.

* 2. Member Sequence Number as it appears on the letter you received.

* 3. Number of Market Rights Owned (as listed in letter)

* 4. Do you own the land that produces member fruit for Tree Top?

* 5. Is the land ownership in the same name as the Tree Top Name of Record you copied from letter above?

* 6. Is this orchard leased? If yes, please complete the questions below pertaining to lease.

* 7. Enter the name of the person/company leasing the orchard:

* 8. What year did the lease begin?

* 9. When will the lease expire?

* 10. In general, do you share in the proceeds or profits of the sale of the fruit from the leased property?

* 11. If yes you share in the profits, is your share of the profits equal to or greater than 50%?

* 12. Do you have input into the management decisions made on the orchard?  

* 13. How are the Tree Top market rights accounted for with the lease arrangement?

* 14. In regards to this orchard, what varieties are grown of apple/pear?

* 15. Address of Orchard?

* 16. Your Name

* 17. Your Contact Information?