Conditions of participation

1. Fees and expenses: There is no workshop participant fee. However, the course is non-residential, and participants must make their own arrangements for travel, accommodation, evening meals, travel/health/accident insurance and visa. (Lunch, snacks, water and training materials will be provided by Sphere at the training venue. An invitation letter will be provided to support your visa application if required.)

2. Evaluation: An evaluator will be present at the ToT who will assess ToT participants throughout the event. The evaluator will make notes on participants’ performance and aptitudes which will be shared with the event organisers. Sphere and IAWG-Africa will use this information to assess individuals’ suitability for inclusion in the Sphere Trainer Database and for other opportunities. The evaluator will give individual feedback to each participant to help them improve their facilitation skills (both during and after the ToT).

3. Participant profile: ToT participants will be selected based on the same criteria for being listed in the Sphere Trainer Database:

i) Have an excellent understanding of the Sphere Handbook and knowledge of Sphere training materials.

iii) Have already conducted at least five to ten workshops, including at least two on the Sphere Handbook.

iv) Have experience in implementing the Sphere Handbook in the field or good knowledge of implementation issues and dilemmas through their training work.

v) Have knowledge of adult learning methods and proven training and facilitation skills.

4. Application priority: Priority will be given to ToT applicants who have already attended a Sphere workshop lasting three or more days based on the latest version of the Sphere Training Package. Applicants should provide details of the workshop attended and be prepared to produce evidence of participation if requested.

5. Commitment and managerial support: ToT participants should be committed to delivering at least two Sphere workshops during the six months following the ToT, i.e. by the end of March 2020. As part of the selection process, shortlisted applicants may be contacted for a brief interview, and shortlisted applicants’ line managers may be contacted and asked to confirm their support for the applicant.

6. Attendance and participation: ToT participants will arrive at the training venue (in Nairobi – precise address to be confirmed) no later than 8:30am on Monday 23rd September and depart no earlier than 5pm on Friday 27th September. ToT participants agree to participate in all sessions, which will use a variety of methods, including participant-led facilitation.

7. Pre-course assignment: ToT participants agree to complete a pre-course assignment before arrival.

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