* 2. What feedback would you offer your coach? (things you liked, things to improve, etc. Keep in mind, this may have been your coaches first time.)

* 3. Feedback on course objectives (1 = not accomplished; 10 = definitely happened for me)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
This class introduced me to tools and skills that will help me better understand and apply Scripture.
As a result of this course, I have discovered why it is important to relate every passage to the redemptive story-line of the Bible.
I feel better equipped to discover the fallen condition and redemptive solution in a passage.
As a result of this course, I have learned how to point people to Christ by asking questions with our small group template.
I have become more aware of how our cultural perspectives might prevent us from seeing aspects of Scripture and the gospel.

* 4. If you were telling friends about what you liked about the class, what would you tell them?

* 5. If you could change one thing about this class (reading, assignments, lectures, workshops, etc), what would it be?

* 6. How did God work in your life through your study and application of Eph 2:11-22?

* 7. In what specific ways have you benefited from the class?

* 8. What particular skill(s) or method(s) do you anticpiate using in your personal ministry?

  Most definitely "yes" Maybe Never again
Book Summary
Historical/cultural setting
Structural Layout
Word studies/Commentaries
Textual Outline
Looking for Fallen Condition/Redemptive Solution 
Thinking about the Story of God/Redemptive Context
Asking Different Kinds of Questions

* 9. Other comments or suggestions