Participant Information Sheet

Date Information Sheet Produced: 17 April 2017

An Invitation
We, Dr Ineke Crezee, of the School of Language and Culture at the Auckland University of Technology, and Dr Shirley Jülich, of the School of Social Work at Massey University, Albany, invite you to participate in this questionnaire.

What is the purpose of this research?
The purpose of this research is to identify expectations regarding your role as a healthcare interpreter.

How was I identified and why am I being invited to participate in this research?
You are invited to participate if you are a healthcare interpreter working with health professionals in New Zealand.

What will happen in this research?
You will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey.

We will ask you about
· issues from your perspective
· ideas you might have for possible solutions
· protocols that might be developed to address the problem.

Your participation in this research study is completely voluntary.

What are the discomforts and risks?
No discomforts and risks anticipated.

What are the benefits?
The potential benefits of this research may lie in the development of better protocols to support interpreters and improve communication between healthcare interpreters, clients and health professionals.

How will my privacy be protected?
Participation in the online survey is completely anonymous.

What are the costs of participating in this research?
Participation in the online survey will take approximately 20 minutes of your time.

How do I agree to participate in this research?
Completion of the online survey will indicate your consent to participate.

Will I receive feedback on the results of this research?
A summary of the research findings will be posted in the general section (open to all) of the website of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI):

What do I do if I have concerns about this research?
Any concerns regarding the nature of this project should be notified in the first instance to the Project Supervisor, Dr Ineke Crezee, email: or by phone on +64 8 921 9999 ext 6825

Concerns regarding the conduct of the research should be notified to the Executive Secretary of AUTEC, Kate O’Connor, , 921 9999 ext 6038.

Whom do I contact for further information about this research?
Researcher: Dr Shirley Jülich on, phone: +64 9 414 0800 ext. 43359

Project Supervisor: Dr Ineke Crezee, email: or by phone on +64 8 921 9999 ext 6825

Approved by the Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee on December 11, 2014, AUTEC Reference number 14/371.