NDIS Accessible Feedback Survey

Help us improve our NDIS services by rating the statements below!
This survey will only take you less than 5 minutes and will allow us to improve the quality of our services and serve you better as a customer.

* 1. Rights, Participation and Inclusion

  1 (Disagree) 2 (Neutral) 3 (Agree)
HCA promotes your rights as a customer.
HCA provides access to the policies, procedures and information material that relates to the rights and responsibility as a customer.
You feel supported by HCA to exercise your rights at all times.
HCA has effective programs and strategies in place which promote and build community participation opportunities through developing community networks.
HCA encourages you to be active in the community and assists you with building community networks that are aligned with your personal goals.
Your current level of community participation and inclusion meets your needs.

* 2. Individual Outcomes

  1 (Disagree) 2 (Neutral) 3 (Agree)
HCA encourages you to set goals that align with your personal needs and whole of term aspirational goals, and assists in identifying opportunities in the planning process to meet those goals.
HCA adopts a person centred approach in service delivery and assists the customer to achieve their personal goals (eg. encouraging the involvement of families, friends, and advocates in line with the aspirations and consent of the customer).
You currently have an individual plan that reflects your current goals and aspirations and you believe that you are working towards achieving those goals.

* 3. Feedback and Complaints

  1 (Disagree) 2 (Neutral) 3 (Agree)
HCA provides access to the complaints processes in a timely manner.
You understand HCA’s complaints and feedback procedures.
You feel comfortable making a complaint if the need arises.
If you have not made a complaint in the last 12 months: Please put "N/A" in the comment box.
If you have made a complaint in the last 12 months:
 Your complaint was addressed effectively and in a timely manner.

* 4. Service Access and Management

  1 (Disagree) 2 (Neutral) 3 (Agree)
HCA provides information about the types and quality of services and supports that are available to you and how you can access and exit the services.
You feel informed of and understand the range of services and supports that are available to you to meet your individual needs and goals, and you feel supported when making choices about those services.
HCA has provided you with access to services or has referred you to services that have met your individual needs while supporting you through the process.
HCA has good governance, management and quality processes in place which includes stakeholder consultation and a formal continuous improvement strategy across all aspects of service delivery.
The overall quality and delivery of services from HCA is high.
HCA consistently requests and analyses feedback through collaboration with customers and primary care givers in order to improve services and supports.
Thank you for completing the survey. Your feedback is important to us.
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