1. Help point us in the right direction!

This short survey will help us select our legislative priorities and guide our policy work for the upcoming year. MHOA NJ needs your input.

* 1. Does your community have rent control?

* 2. Please tell us which tenancy issues are the most important to you.

  Not so concerned Kind of concerned Moderately concerned Very concerned
Length of lease and lease renewals
Rent Increases
Community rules (for example pets, parking, children)
Inheritablity of lease

* 3. What are the most serious infrastructure issues in your community?

  Not a problem Moderate problem Serious problem
Water Quality
Unit Tie-Downs
Pads or lack of Pads
Lack of Fire Hydrant
Garbage Containers or Pickup

* 4. Do you think a statewide inspection program of community infrastructure (like the type required for apartment buildings) would result in significant improvements in your community?

* 5. Do you think that your community is going to close in the next five to ten years?

* 6. What factors make you think that your community will or will not close?

* 7. What issues about Manufactured Housing and Manufactured Housing communities concern you(select as many options as you wish)?

  Not important Moderately important Very important Most important
Rent Control and vacancy decontrol
Cost of chattel loans for purchasing Manufactured Homes
Titling of Manufactured Homes and treatment of MH housing as real property
Protections against retaliation for community organizing
State inspections of community infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, etc.)
Community preservation and encouraging resident ownership of communities
Replacement of aging homes
Energy efficiency in homes
Fire safety and fire safety systems in communities
Relocation funds for park closures
Stronger protections against frivolous park rules
Protections for over-55 community status
Personal safety in your community
Statewide licensing for park communities and community owners
Negative perceptions of MH communities and residents
Increasing the notice requirements for community closure

* 8. Which types of programs do you think would provide homeowners and residents of Manufactured Housing the most benifits (one answer in each column please so that we have clear rankings)?

  least important important very important more important most important
First time home buyer programs (down payment assistance)
Stricter consumer protections for chattel loan programs
Programs that encourage community owners to sell communities to the homeowners.
Programs to help homeowners replace older homes with newer homes
Rent stabilization programs

* 9. Does your community have a homeowners association, and if not would you like help organizing an association?

* 10. Thank you very much for helping us chart a legislative direction! If you would like to provide your name and contact information we will update you on legislative issues that you have pinpointed as important to you. Please only give information that you are comfortable providing. If you are concerned about suppling that information in this format please contact MHOA-NJ's administrator.