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* 1. Do you agree with the following statements?

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The most important thing in British politics is deficit reduction and David Cameron should do nothing at the EU summit that jeopardises his relationship with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.
If Cameron safeguards the City of London and UK access to the single market it's not necessary for him to repatriate any powers.
The most important thing at this summit is saving the €uro and Britain should do everything to help deliver that aim.
Conservative politicians like Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith should keep quiet and we should trust David Cameron to get the best deal for Britain that he can.
Britain should not be part of any summit deal that saves the €uro. We should be arguing that the €uro needs to be broken up in an orderly way.
Britain should hold a referendum on any new Treaty that involves substantially changes to relations between EU member states.
This summit provides Britain with the best opportunity in a generation to forge a new relationship with the EU.
This is the summit to stop economic crisis engulfing Europe. Repatriating powers from Europe to Britain should wait until the crisis has passed.