* 1. I have received services

* 2. (For the next two questions, please think about when you first contacted Cumberland Mountain for an appointment.)

The person I talked to on the phone or in person was friendly

* 3. The first appointment I received was as soon as I wanted it.

* 4. Friendliness and helpfulness of the staff when I check in

* 5. The facility where I receive services is clean

* 6. The professional(s) helping me is prepared to provide services.

* 7. The attention staff pays to what I have to say is:

* 8. The professional(s) helping me understands my concerns.

* 9. The staff are thorough and competent in helping me deal with my problems

* 10. How many days a week do you usually participate in services?

* 11. Continue to think about the staff you have worked with and please rate your agreement with the following statements:

The staff focuse on helping me achieve my goals for my service

* 12. The staff give me as much information as I need about what I can do to manage my condition

* 13. The staff work as a team player(s) with other professionals to coordinate my care,i.e., doctor, psychiatrist, schools or other community agencies

* 14. Before I left the program, I was linked to a recovery/peer support program for follow up.

* 15. All things considered, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with the service you receive at The Laurels?