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About the report

The 'State of Sales: Challenges in Sales Leadership' report will provide an independent research-based window into leadership within the sales profession; the challenges faced by leaders, how resources and techniques are employed, as well as a cross sector peer-to-peer understanding of how leaders overcome common challenges.

Taking part in this independent survey gives you an opportunity to have a voice and contribute as a genuine thought-leader to the wider landscape of the sales profession.

This survey is anonymous and takes approx 4-9 minutes to complete and is made up of a maximum of 3 parts:

- Leadership Challenges
- Exploring Sales & Revenue Enablement
- The Impact of AI Sales Tools

Question Title

* 1. As part of this research, we will carry out a number of face-to-face interviews with a handpicked group of responders and industry figures.

If you are happy to be considered for this stage of the research, please let us know here:

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