The Manaaki Fund supports NZOIA Members who are or will be financially challenged for the coming membership year by offering a 50% discount on Registered Membership fees.

This Fund is set up in good faith to support members who need their qualifications to work in the industry, but who would struggle to stay registered without the discount.

There is only a finite amount available in the fund.

This fund is based on a high trust model. Please only apply for the fund if you genuinely can’t afford to maintain registration of your qualifications and you need them for work in the industry. If you are experiencing financial hardship, first consider the following options:

  • spread out membership payments: 4 instalments of $57.50 - ¼ on 1 July, ¼ on 1 Aug, ¼ on 1 Sept, ¼ 1 Oct. You will need to set up your own direct debit to manage this via internet banking.
  • downgrade to Associate Membership and put your qualifications on hold if you are no longer in employment.

Applying for the Manaaki Fund
To apply to the Manaaki Fund for a 50% discount please fill out the form below. This is a confidential process. If your circumstances change throughout the year, you can pay the 50% in retrospect and we can put this back into the fund to support someone else in the future.

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