We at Detectamet Ltd believe the basis for a successful cooperation with our customers is the continuous improvement of our products and services. As part of our ISO 9001 accreditation and in order to identify our potential for improvements we need your opinions and experiences with us and our products.

Thank you very much for helping us by filling out our customer satisfaction survey!

* 1. Would you describe Detectamet Ltd as:
Polite and courteous when answering the phone?

* 2. Offering a speedy response to emails?

* 3. Giving sufficient information on our paperwork?

* 4. Offering high levels of Customer Service to our customers?

* 5. Providing a user friendly and informative Website/Web shop and Brochure?

* 6. Overall, are you satisfied with the way your goods are packaged/ received?

* 7. Were you satisfied with the information given with your order?

* 8. Do you feel that your orders are processed within an acceptable time?

* 9. The company Detectamet Ltd. is ISO accredited.
How important is this to you when buying our products?

* 10. How likely are you to recommend Detectamet Ltd products and services to other business associates?