* 1. Which region are you from?

* 2. How many nights did you stay in Taupo?

* 3. What type of accommodation did you stay in?

* 4. How many non playing supporters travelled with you?

* 5. What was your average daily spend (including accommodation) while in Taupo?

* 6. What are your reasons for attending these Championships?

* 7. Are you happy with the current dates and format?

* 8. What new features could be considered and why?

* 9. What current activity could be ceased, and why?

* 10. Have you any interest in moving to another place to live?

* 11. Would you consider moving to the Taupo District?

* 12. Here are a list of reasons, some people give us for not wanting to move to Taupo.  On a 1-5 scale where 1 applies a lot and 5 does not apply at all, how much does each one apply to you?

  1 2 3 4 5
Job/career opportunities
Housing availability/affordability
Education - secondary schools
Education - tertiary options
Health service access
Family are not based here
Friends are not based here

* 13. Please enter your name and email address and phone number to enter the draw for a free entry into the 2018 tournament!