* 2. How did you first hear about El Camino Hospital's genetic counseling service?

* 3. Did you have any genetic testing done?

* 4. Please consider your main reason for utilizing the El Camino Hospital genetic counseling services. Which of the following categories relates the closest to your main reason?

* 5. Please rate your level of agreement with each of the following:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
The scheduling process went smoothly
The timing of the appointment, testing, and follow up met my needs
During my appointment the genetic counselor explained things in a way I could understand
I was treated with dignity and respect during my visit
Any written materials I received were easy to understand
The genetics office was easy to locate
Parking was easy
Overall this service was helpful to me and/or my family
Overall, the information received will help me make more well educated decisions about my healthcare

* 6. Did you experience any difficulties with the billing or reimbursement for the genetic counseling you received at El Camino Hospital's Genomic Medicine Institute?

* 7. Based on your experience, would you recommend El Camino Hospital's genetic counseling to others?

* 8. How might we improve our service?